Reviews by Soldier's Fans

Reviews by Children

"Will you read it again?!  I best liked that he got a hug and got happy" Emma (age 4) 

"Porkpine!" Adaline (age 1)

 "Your book was amazing! That was a very good book! I give it 5 stars!" Jude (age 6)

 "I love the book Soldier so so so so so much." Ryan (age 6)

"My favorite part was when Soldier played his floot.  Book was Exelent work.  Next week I will get it from the Libary." Leon (age 6)

 "You did a finomiaI job on your book.  I wold rate your book on sixty stars!  I think I mite by your book." Dylan (age 6) 

Reviews by Adult Readers

"This is a delightfully whimsical, kind, humorous book. The animals are most of the action, and they are very thoughtful and kind, and all happen to speak English! The story is great, the illustrations lovely. Strikes me as a fine book to read to a young child who you are trying to put to sleep, because the story is so nice and the illustrations so restful and relaxing. And there are lots of little smiley details that one sees on careful examination. My favorite is the seamstress, who happens to be a mouse, as I recall, who is sewing the garment for the title porcupine, Soldier, using an obviously modern sewing machine by the light of an oil lamp! And another nice little touch is a page where the animals go off to gather the cloth they need so the seamstress can do her thing. There is a little sign that says "Free Samples" or something like that, to make it clear that they are not stealing. This might well become a classic."

- William G. 

"After my first read of this book all I have to do is catch a glimpse of its front cover and instantly the lyrics of a song I sang as a child pop into my head. 

'If you don't walk like most people do, some people walk away from you,
But I won't, I won't.
If you don't talk like most people do, some people talk and laugh at you,
But I won't, I wont.
I'll walk with you. I'll talk with you. That's how I'll show my love for you.'

This is a sweet story about a young porcupine named Soldier, born on a quiet woodland night. As his mothers heart filled with love for her new baby she opens her arms to give him a hug and finds she cannot because his quills won't lay flat. Instantly both Soldier's and his mom's hearts are filled with sadness. As time goes on and Soldier grows up he still can't be hugged. His father whittles him a flute in hopes of cheering Soldier up. His music is beautifully sad and a field mouse is determined to find the maker of this music and help him feel happy. 

It's a beautiful story! And what a conversation it can open about how one small field mouse is able to make a difference for someone else. We are all just one small person, but what a difference we can make for someone else around us. What a blessing we can be to someone else's life. What a great message to bring to young children."

- Michelle (The Book Report)

"You should know that I took the liberty of reading your book to a classroom of four year olds at one of the head start programs I work with... and they were riveted! They were empathizing with Soldier, understanding that he longed for affection when he felt lonely, and that momma porcupine also wanted to hug him. Needless to say, it was an absolute success, and I am confident in saying that if brought a class of rowdy four year olds to calmness, and closer together. They also decided to clap energetically, and jump onto me in a group hug."

- Tomas C. 

"My favorite part about reading this book with Margo is that she screams out, "I love you, Soldier" when we get to the field mouse's solution. Making the story even more fun is the adorable Soldier stuffed animal that goes with the book. It's handmade and so cute! 

I recommend Soldier to anyone who likes to celebrate what makes us each unique and those who understand that creating a better world starts with personal acts of kindness. After reading this book you'll want to hug more often and brighten someone's day. The writing and illustrations fit perfectly, and if you order the book online it comes in a beautiful envelope (ideal for gift giving :)."

- The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow

 "This children's book is lovely. There is a tenderness between the characters that the author and illustrators present beautifully. Children are captivated by these sweet characters and it is clear that the themes are thoughtful, applicable, and accessible to children of varying ages. After your heart melts a little bit, you'll be pleased to see how much the children around you really love Soldier and his rag tag friends."

- Victoria V.

"This is a fantastic children's story that shows how a single act of kindness can profoundly impact another's life. What better lesson for our children growing up in today's broken world? I foresee this being on every children's shelf in time."

- Carolyn C. 

"I have 4 kids under 7 and all of them were captivated by the story of Soldier. A great read and lesson for the little ones!"

- Chelsea S.