About us

Little Wooden Flute
Little Wooden Flute is a publishing house created in 2016 to launch Soldier.  With this  platform in place, we plan to bring you an array of children's literature that speaks to the classic themes of child development while connecting with children and their numerous caretakers.  We anticipate many more adventures with Soldier, as well as bringing new characters to life, and have lots of ideas in the works for 2017.  Stay tuned! 
Dr. Levin is a first-time children's book author and clinical psychologist.  She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her twin sons and husband.  Kara has worked therapeutically with children for many years and draws upon her knowledge of developmental theory in the construction of her children's stories.  When not in New York, you can find her nestled in her West Stockbridge, MA home, where she likes nothing more than to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the company of family and friends.  
Vlada Soshkina and Polina Doroshenko are Ukrainian artists who met while at the Fine Arts Academy in Kiev.  In addition to becoming close friends, they have worked on several projects together, including the co-illustration of Soldier.  In 2015, Vlada and her family were presented with the opportunity to leave Kiev and spend a year in West Stockbridge, MA.  While there, Vlada was introduced to Kara, and with Polina connecting remotely, the three began working together to bring Soldier to life.  
Vlada, a seasoned traveler, is a bit of a moving target.  She can often be found exploring the world with her husband, a photographer, and sharing her love of new places with her two-year-old son.  Polina, an illustrator of several Ukrainian children's books, enjoys her time in Kiev, where she can be found surrounded by fans of her incredible artwork.